We are partnering with Sleep in Heavenly Peace (www.shpbeds.org) for their Bunks Across America Event on June 15th.  Bunks Across America is a day for communities nationwide to get together to build beds for children who don’t have beds to sleep in. This day should stand as a revelation to those who don’t know there is a problem and a beacon of hope to those who don’t know there is a solution.  Their goal is to build 2,500 bunk beds and set a new Guinness Book World Record.

NOTE: Your confirmation email will include a link to the Bunks Across America sign up page.  It is critical that you also sign up on their website as that is where you will fill out your event waiver.

What to Bring
All the necessary tools and materials will be provided along with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (safety glasses, ear plugs, dust masks, gloves, etc.) for your safety and comfort should you want or need it (highly recommended). However, if you require specialty equipment (i.e. prescription safety glasses, custom fit ear plugs or respirators, etc.) you will need to bring your own. It is recommend that you wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and possibly even stained.

What about food/lunch?
There will be bottled water on hand to keep you hydrated, but as of this writing, food vendors have not yet been secured, but it is being worked on. If some vendors do come out, it will be a pay-by-attendee service for any food purchased from the vendors. You may feel free to bring your own food to the  event, but please consume it outside the build area.

What about kids?
Minor children between 12 and 17 are welcome to participate but must be accompanied by an adult. Any volunteer under 18 must be listed as an accompanying child on their parent or guardian’s volunteer form. The parent or guardian of minors must fill out the form even if they aren’t attending the event. (i.e. the minor is coming with a friend’s family, church group, etc.) While kids under 12 won’t be excluded from being at the event altogether, they must be 12 or older to use any tools. All children at the event must be under the supervision of the accompanying adult at all times for their safety.



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