Bring the spirit of Serve the City to work with you and DONATE YOUR JOB!!

What is it?

Donate Your Job is an innovative way to help those in need and support Serve the City without taking a day off of work.  The idea is that you help financially by donating one day’s salary (or any amount of money) and then do random Acts of Kindness during your regular workday and gain a new perspective on how simple it is to “serve”.

How does it work?

On December 12, 2019 you will be given a set of challenges to complete hourly during your workday. The goal is to bring the Serve the City values of humility, respect, hope, and compassion to life for you in a new and amazing way!

How will I get the challenges?

First, you need to SIGN UP using the form on this page.  Registration ends December 6th.

Second, we will have a Serve the City “DYJ Box” waiting for you to pick up a few days prior to the event (we’ll let you know when and where by email).  It will contain all the FUN items you will need for your day of service.

Thirdly, we will email or text you during the day of the event with a new challenge every hour.

What are the challenges?

Below are a few examples of the challenges that will allow you to serve by encouraging others in your workplace:

  • Give someone a compliment, face to face
  • Surprise someone with a gift card (provided)
  • Leave a positive note on your neighbor’s desk
  • Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and find out 3 things about them
  • Open and hold the door at the front of your workplace for 10 minutes

Wrap Up

Join us for drinks that evening to share your “stories of the day” with others that served alongside you in spirit. We will celebrate your achievements and THANK YOU for your support of Serve the City Newport News. (Time and place to be determined).



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